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Friday, May 18, 2012

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home–Under pricing is not really bad….

I heard someone remark yesterday foreclosure proeprties were being listed at a higher price now.  I have not noticed an increase in foreclosure pricing although I have noticed fewer distressed properties coming on the Brevard County, Florida market. 

Pricing strategies vary based on the type of sale,  property location, property condition and motivation of the seller.

Some sellers will overprice; some price just right and some will....under price.  

In my opinion to "under price" can be a good tactic.

Key point:  Sellers must understand that to price a bit under the market or at the low end of the market is not the same as "under sell."

No seller can be compelled to accept any offer.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with pricing low and getting multiple offers! 

Here are a few links to articles on pricing strategies to sell your home. 

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