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Thursday, May 31, 2012

To pool or not...that is the question - New Construction Homes in Brevard County, Florida

I was speaking with someone a couple of days ago about new construction homes in Rockledge, Florida.  This is really the time to buy (and build new construction).

But what do you let the builder sell you?

In this particular case he was considering whether or not to have the builder install the pool at the time of construction.  He had researched the price of pool installation outside of construction and, in this case, found it be be less although he was unsure if it was an apples to apples comparison.

He also was unsure if financing the pool with the purchase was something he wanted to do.  The key here is he was researching it rather than just taking the builder's price/offer at face value. 

When working with builders and new construction I offer these words of advice...

On-Site Agents Represent the Seller – not you. 

Buying the Builder Upgrade Options When New Construction Is Your Choice...Why?

Negotiate with builders....Especially with New Homes Sales continuing to fall!

Negotiate like you are buying a car....



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