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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Homes for Sale in Viera, Florida - Not every sign is a “For Sale” sign….

When shopping for a new home it is very common for folks to drive through neighborhoods looking for homes that are “for sale” that appeal to their taste.

The problem with is not every one they see is "For Sale."

For example, take the Indigo Crossing subdivision in Viera, Florida.  There are four homes with signs in front of them.  They are all under contract and, coincidentally, are short sales.

Another good example is the Bayhill at Viera East development also in Viera.  As of today there are seven homes under contract and I am sure they all have a sign out front.  But none is for sale.

This is an a good indication of the real estate market in Brevard County – five of these have gone under contract since May 7, 2012.

If you have driven through neighborhoods in Viera and found areas you like, email me and I will gladly send you the homes that are for sale…not the ones that have a “for Sale” sign out front but are already under contract.


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