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Friday, July 20, 2012

Buying a Foreclosure–Sometimes its like choosing the cleanest pig….

At times I have heard it used to describe a house (or just a room).   "Dirty as a pigsty."

For you city folks... a pigsty refers to a shelter where pigs are kept.

It implies a very undesirable, unappealing state of being.

Many times buyers looking to purchase a foreclosure or even a short sale property find the properties in such a condition.

The property's condition may be worse...leaking roofs, mold present, etc.

Sometimes buying a foreclosure may be like choosing the cleanest pig in the pigsty!

Successful investors are those with the knowledge and vision to see beyond the mess! 

And is there ever a perfect foreclosure out there?

The most likely answer is...

When pigs can fly!
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