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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Florida Homes for Sale - The Rules for Buying and Selling Florida Real Estate

Florida Homes for Sale - The Rules for Buying and Selling Florida Real Estate

I have been writing this blog for over five years.  Many of the articles are about buying and selling homes in Brevard County, Florida.  Many are concentrated on the central Brevard communities of Viera and Suntree as well as the oldest incorporated town in the county - Rockledge, Florida.

With just over 2,300 short articles so far I was wondering how often I had referred to anything as a "rule" for buying or selling a house or condo.

The answer is not very often.  I found these mentioned within the context of rules for buying or selling a home.
  • When talking about my approach to managing open house visitors I use my my 3G approach.  This approach has nothing to do with cell phone networks either.  Rather it is a simple Greet, Give relevant information, and Go away until needed strategy.
  •  Now one of my favorite rules is the 30-10-1 rule.  In a nutshell it means if your home is listed for 30 days, has less than 10 showings and not one offer received, then the price is an issue.  
  • An almost Golden Rule of real estate is really what I call the "golden period."   The longer a property sits, the less appealing it is to prospective buyers because after a while they wonder what is wrong.  Hint: usually price related.
  • You have heard it before the 10 second rule many times referring to sports and other topics.  The real estate application of the 10 second rule means  a potential buyer makes up their mind about a property within 10 seconds of arriving.   In life and in real estate, initial impressions, right or wrong, are usually what we rely on more than anything.
  • As for homeowner associations and deed restrictions and their rules....either you have them or you don't.
  • Finally in the world of real estate, whether a buyer's market or a sellers market, the ideal rule is the same – buy low, sell high.  
When you are ready to buy or sell Viera, Rockledge or Merrit Island, Florida home please call on me if I can assist you in any way.

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