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Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Buyer Tip - Do not buy any home without a property inspection.

I don’t care how old or new (yes, even new construction) a house is, as a buyer you will be taking a substantial risk if you do not have a property inspection conducted.

Property inspections should be conducted by qualified, licensed property inspectors – not your buddy who knows a little about homes.

Sellers in Florida usually provide some sort of real property disclosure.  This questionnaire, completed to the seller’s best knowledge, provides some general information.

Remember this home buyer rule - Just because the seller says the home is in good shape, does not make it so. 
  • Inspectors tell the buyer the current state of the property.
  • Sellers tell their current state of mind (opinion) regarding the current state of the property.
I am not saying sellers will intentionally mislead but they may simply not know the condition.  They may be unaware of a ticking clock on a serious problem.

Should a seller get a property inspection before putting their home on the market?   Getting a pre-listing inspection may be a smart move to consider as well!

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