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Saturday, July 14, 2012

How not to buy a home

I have seen this several times over the years and I can say it has been proven 100% of the time to be the way to not buy real estate.

The way to not buy a house or condo is to see it, have an interest in it and then leave it with an "if you get an offer let me know..."

The bottom line is if you like it, make an offer.  If you don 't like it, move on.

If there is a real interest, put it in writing - period.

There is no other approach for buyers who truly have an interest.

And for sellers to consider... if  a buyer has enough interest in your property to put in a reasonable written offer, consider it seriously.

An offer in hand is a whole lot better than a "let me know" wishy washy maybe. After all your goal is to sell, right?

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