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Friday, July 20, 2012

How to buy a house: Knowing where is half the battle.

Buying a house is not a battle.  It is more like a 10K race unless it is a short sale which can turn into an endurance race.

After deciding on a budget (i.e getting a mortgage pre-approval in place), the next critical step in the home buying process is the "where."

A key resource in helping you decide the where will be your real estate agent.  Selecting a local knowledgeable real estate agent is critical.  Brevard County is a large area so an agent who is familiar with your target area like Viera, Suntree, Rockledge or ocean front is key.

Your real estate agent should ask you lots of questions to pinpoint what you are looking for to help identify the best direction to proceed.

Approaching the home buying process with an "I will know what I like when I see it" attitude is not the most efficient approach.

With real budget in place, requirements (and can't haves), and amenities desired all on the table early, success will come much more quickly.

Open communication between buyers and real estate agent is critical.  Don't hold back either - if you don't like anything say it early!

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