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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Selling your Brevard County, Florida “home” - Sell Your House, Move Your Memories

Selling (and buying) a home is an emotional experience.  The excitement of the buyer's hunt is probably much more intense than the selling process.

Selling the home one has lived in for years very often rekindles memories that possibly have not crossed the sellers conscious mind for years.

It is these memories of the good times, the not so good times and other life changing events that sometimes cause a seller to place an additional value on their house that is not justified.

Selling a house does not change or modify one's memories.  And buyers are not willing to pay a premium for a seller's memories.

In the words of  Karen Fiddler, Broker/Realtor, Mission Viejo, CA, 
 “Houses, condos, even RVs...all these are merely structures and properties. Vessels to use in creating "home".......”  
When you are ready to sell your Viera or Rockledge, Florida house or condo, call me to discuss how I can assist you in the process, please.

Sell you house, move your memories.

Have a question about selling your Viera or Rockledge, Florida home?  Send me an email....

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