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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Selling Your Home–Selling Your Furniture–Two Different Transactions, please!

Just as oil and vinegar don’t mix well,  personal contents (personal property) and houses/condos (real property) may not mix well in a real estate transaction.

There are several reasons for dealing with contents separate from the house purchase.

Lenders may have issues with personal property being listed in the real estate contract. Also, the appraiser is not going to add in the value of contents either.  Besides, negotiating the price of the house shouldn't be blurred by the price of a TV or whatever.

Also, there can be confusion when it is time for the seller to move.

If contents are being negotiated I prefer it be a separate itemized list with specific identification and specific price.   I am not an attorney or tax professional.  Do not consider this legal or tax advice.

Real estate transactions are stressful for all.

Why not leave the furnishings out of the equation and lessen the potential for confusion later?

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