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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Florida Real Estate Market is Shifting…Smart Buyers will Shift as well.

The Florida real estate market has been down for several years.

For a long time Florida home sellers have been grateful (well almost) for any (almost) offer on their home.

For a long time Florida home buyers have been in the driver’s seat able to dictate most of the terms (within reason) when buying a house or condo.

  • The inventory is down.
  • Prices have risen a bit. 
  • Sellers are getting multiple offers on their move-in ready for sale homes as a result of the decreased inventory.
  • New construction seems to be on the upswing as well.
With these changes beginning to show up motivated buyers will be smart to consider shifting their strategy as well.
  1. Motivated buyers need to act when they find the home they think they want to buy.  It may not be there tomorrow or next week. 
  2. Motivated buyers need to consider making a reasonable offer on a house or condo they really want to buy. 
  3. Motivated buyers need to understand the choices are limited if they are looking for “move in ready” non-short sale homes. 
  4. Motivated buyers considering a short sale need to understand the lenders are aware the market is shifting so don’t look for some pennies on the dollar deal.
I am not saying sellers are in the driver's seat either.

Could it be be the real estate car has stopped at the rest area and buyers and sellers are trying to decide which will get in the driver's seat?

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