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Monday, August 20, 2012

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home–Focus on the goal not the “I’s”

Maintaining a focus on the goal is key to success.   I am sure every athlete that participated in the recent Olympics can attest to those words.

Although not on the level of competing in the Olympics selling your home is a major undertaking that requires focus.

The intended title of this post was something like Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home–Focus on the goal not the irritations.”  

Then I accidentally typed iterations instead of irritations. An iteration...repetitive behavior like answer phone, schedule showing, put away the pets, leave the house for another showing...and repeat.

Then I thought well maybe what I meant was interruptionsJust the process interrupts your daily activities and makes planning "normal" things a challenge!

The road to the closing table is not always a smooth trip.  There will be bumps along the way.  There may be a detour or two along the way.

When you choose a Realtor® to work with you to sell your Brevard County, Florida home choose carefully.

Choose a real estate agent who will be there to guide, counsel and remind you to focus on the goal and not the all the I’s along the way!

Here are a few articles on how to choose a real estate agent.
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