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Friday, August 24, 2012

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home - A couple of clues why you can't sell...

You have your Brevard County, Florida home or condo on the market.   Let's see it has been over four months and still no buyers.  You are starting to feel like your house gets no respect! 

Your unit has been on the market now for 125 days…. a little longer than the 86 days average for this market in July 2012.

Your unit has not had a price change except for the five times your agent pretended to make a change only to leave it the same price.  This “trick” is how an agent can make it show up on the hotsheet as a price change to try to gain attention.

Most real estate agents see through this flawed attempt at "motivation."   You may not even know your agent is doing this either. 

I did want to include your unit in the nine properties I showed my out of state buyer yesterday.   After all, it is his second trip to town to shop for an ocean front condo.  

Then I noticed these showing instructions…

“Must Come By Listing Office To Pick Up Unit Key. No lock box.”

We have a tight schedule.  Your price is not really that attractive.  We will skip your unit as I am doubtful you are really motivated.

If I ever listed a property where the seller would not allow a lock box on the property I would include theses instructions…

“No Lock box, listing agent will meet you at the property to open for buyer’s agents.”

I suggest your agent adopt these suggestions if you want to sell.

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