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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Selling Your Home - Which numbers sell your house?

When looking for a new home do buyers care more about room size of space utilization and layout?  Does a buyer really know how much space any particular home for sale in Viera really offers?

Sellers, do the pictures in your real estate listing really tell prospective buyers much about your home and all it offers?  Did your real estate agent include all the numbers?

In the Brevard County, Florida multiple listing system what information about size is available?  
  • Living Square Foot - This is the area under air conditioning.  It is usually generated from data in the Brevard County Property Appraiser records.
  • Total Square Foot - Also from the property appraiser office this reflects the area under roof. 
  • Bedroom and Bathroom count - Simple numbers 
  • Room Measurements -  Generally, if included, these are the numbers based on the agent's measurements or possibly pulled from a blueprint.  These numbers are from the longest distance, wall to wall.  If a room is not square or rectangular this may be a bit misleading. 
  • Lot size - This will tell you how much land is available but not necessarily how close the
These numbers do provide some answers for a buyer.

But it is only when a prospective buyer visits the property they can really tell how much usable space is available.   They will be able to see the layout and possible uses for them.

As a seller it is critical that rooms not be crowded with every bit of furniture you own.  As in all things moderation is key.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a professional stager come in and re-arrange or even change out furniture to bring your home's strength to the attention of prospective buyers.  It could be it is not the numbers that tell the buyer as much as the use of the space.

All the above numbers are useful in selling your home.  The primary number will always be the price!

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