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Friday, August 10, 2012

Selling Your Home–How Many Photos Should Your Agent Use?

I read an article this morning that addressed the topic of how many pictures to use when selling your home.

A site referenced by Realtor® Sharon Alters of Fleming Island, FL suggested using “Around 6 good quality pictures of the property (Not 2 and not 25!”

Our MLS in Melbourne Florida allows a maximum of six pictures and a minimum of one.  My showcase listings arrangement with allows a maximum of twenty-five pictures.  Other web sites I syndicate my listings on have varying photo allowances in between these limits.

So which is correct?  It depends.

It depends on the seller’s desire.  It depends on the property itself.

Pictures provide a visual narrative which is often much better than the flowery words used by some agents within the narrative comments.

The written narrative within the MLS entry is a limited space where the seller’s agent attempts to paint a picture with words.

The reality is sometimes the painting is not even close to reality!  Try these  Real Estate Advertisements That Work (along with some real estate words and phrases I loathe).

With an occupied home I am of the opinion the more photos then the fewer number of casual showings. "Casual showings" are those looky-loos who are wasting time and not really motivated to buy right now anyway! 

The reason I believe more is better when it comes to photos..... Why disturb a seller for showings when there are some deal breakers that can be shown in the pictures? 

Real estate ads should not be teasers.  Real estate ads should tell the prospect as many facts as possible.  Facts that will be evidenced when they decide your home may be the one! 

Sometimes smaller properties just do not show well in photos.   Some rooms do not necessarily warrant a picture – small bathrooms, for example.  Unless a toilet is “special,” why take a picture of it?

Depending on the property a virtual tour may be the best visual tool.  Or perhaps a slideshow presentation.

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