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Friday, August 10, 2012

Selling Your Viera, Florida Home - Your Selling Price is Your Price

Selling Your Viera, Florida Home - Your Selling Price is Your Price.

The eventual selling price and even the listing price of a house or condo is ultimately the decision of the seller alone.

Sellers should interview several local experts before hiring a real estate agent to work with them.  (I suggest three unless I am the first one you call!)

A local expert should provide a range of comparable properties that have sold, are currently for sale, and recently expired.

Expired listings are important because they are a good indicator of the wrong price. 

Properties usually do not sell because the list price was too high for the location, condition or competition.

There are some other reasons like accessibility issues, ease of showing, presentation that contribute to failure to sell but it can usually be tracked down to a root cause somewhere in the pricing strategy. 

You can never list your home too low...but you can list it too high!

There is nothing that says you must accept any offer even if an offer comes in at your list price. 
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As a seller you decide if an offer is an acceptable price.

As a real estate agent working with sellers in Viera and Rockledge I will go along with a seller's price - even if high in my opinion - provided we agree to revisit the price in 30 days if there is a failure to meet  my 30-10-1 rule

Real estate listings have a golden period and there are some obvious signs the price may be wrong

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