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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten More Common Sense Rules for Home Buyers

A couple weeks ago I posted an article on another web site 10 Common Sense Real Estate Rules for Buying a Home

I received a lot of feedback from other real estate agents who wanted to add a few "rules" of their own.  Here are some of the comments I received which offer good advice...

"It is very hard to sell a house if you do not allow buyer access to the property."   Some sellers make it so difficult to show a property that it is easier to just move onto anther property."   Buyers very often are own limited schedules.  If the seller can't be a bit flexible in showings, they are going to lose some good opportunities. (Laura Murray

"Look at the neighbors - they do affect pricing!"  Buyers are buying your neighborhood first and then your house.  After all...its location! (Joy Daniels)

"Not necessarily the condition but the maintenance or lack there of, on the outside is usually a predictor of the same inside."  Over-grown bushes, cobwebs on the window sills, a porch chair covered in dust and mud...surely a sign of whats to come! (Vanessa Saunders)

"Pictures Never Do A Property Justice"  One agent commented that the pictures are sometime misleading...sometimes looking better than they should and sometimes not providing an appreciation for the qualities offered by a property. (Sean Williams)

"Just because it says FHA financing does not mean your buyer can get a FHA mortgage." Sometimes the listing agent does not know what will qualify for a mortgage.  Sometimes, as in the case of a foreclosure, the condition could theoretically go from qualifies to doesn't qualify just because of the time on the market. (Christina Ehli

"Vacant properties deteriorate faster than an occupied property."  Don't expect everything to be problem free after 6-12 months of vacancy. have experienced this a lot with bank-owned homes.

"All that glitters is not gold."    It may look good on the surface but inspections reveal a great deal.  (Lou Zandy)

"TLC stands for "Needs Total Renovation"!"   The use of the three letters TLC can mean anything thing from minor issues, to "to learn construction" to "needs total renovation."  If you see TLC in the listing hope for the best but be prepared for the worst! (Mitch Muller)

"It's like the Lotto syndrome. Some buyers actually think that they are going to be the one to get the perfect, low priced home."   This is a further extension of "THE PRICE IS LOW FOR A REASON." (Debbie Espinoza)

 Rule Number One from the original list is repeated because it is so important... 

1.    Do not believe everything you read - period.  The title said there were 10 common sense rules for buying a home here, didn't it?

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