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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Home Seller Tip - Seller, I am a buyer's agent, help me out!

Let me re-state the title differently - Seller,  Did You Just Miss Your Chance?

I am not an interior decorator.  I am not here to criticize.

But I am pretty good at reading people…buyers specifically.

Sellers are usually not home so they do not see the reaction on a prospective buyer’s face as they walk in their front door.  That initial expression is usually a good indicator of interest or should I say potential interest. 

When a buyer enters your front door they respond very quickly to the initial scene.  I read somewhere it is like a 10 second opportunity to impress.

If it is not impressive but still nice it may be a look of ambivalence...withholding judgment until they see a little more.

If it is an unimpressive scene with low light or even worse darkness, clutter, dirt or even a stinky smell (how else can I say it?) the facial expression says it all…like OK lets get out of here!

Even the very best real estate agent in the world may not be able to "highlight" your home's positives well enough to overcome an initial negative reaction.

Help me out, please.... make the entrance a grand, welcoming atmosphere.

And if you are considering selling your Viera, Suntree or Rockledge, Florida me if I can help!

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