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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Want to buy a house in Brevard County, Florida? Then I want to know this…are you working a lender?

Why do I want to know if you have lender in your corner?

Because I want to know you can afford a house or condo before we go looking.

More importantly, I want YOU to know you can afford a house or condo!

How many people go to a car dealership without knowing how much car they can afford?

How many car salesmen just take their word for it and start showing cars?  That is probably a bad analogy as the time spent on a car lot and the time spent helping a buyer find the right house are vastly different.

If you are an inexperienced home buyer or even a first time home buyer, you may have questions about the home buying process. 

Or perhaps it has been a while since you bought a home and it is now time to downsize into a 55+ community like Viera’s Heritage Isle.

That is fine, just send me an email with your concerns.

Finally, as one who gets paid by commission only I want to know you are motivated.

 Further, I want to know you are a qualified buyer.

Buyers who are motivated and who understand the home purchase process will do this from the start.

Which mortgage lender should you use in Brevard County, Florida?

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