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Friday, September 21, 2012

Why did your real estate listing expire?

The obvious answer - the property did not sell! 

But if you are the seller and your Viera listing just expired it is not funny.  Actually by the time a listing expires many sellers are probably getting a little frustrated with the whole process! 

The real reason a listing expires comes down to a failure in at one of these three key areas - The Three Ps of Marketing Your Home Successfully.
  • Price.  Price appropriately for condition, market (competition) and location.  If you don’t…well it expires eventually.
  • Promotion.  Your real estate agent must use an effective marketing plan that gets your property in front of the largest potential buyer pool available.  This may be on the Internet or print media.  It may be through open houses.  It depends on the property as not every home is equal.  If your agent doesn’t…well it expires eventually.
  • Presentation.  This comes down to how a home looks to the prospective buyer.  I am referring to cleanliness, non-personalized paint colors, welcoming appearance, de-cluttering,  curb appeal, the ease of showing… everything from when they buyer agent calls to schedule an appointment to when the prospect leaves after seeing your home.
Marketing a home is all about exposure.

If the price is right and the real estate agent uses the right tools, an offer should come in a reasonable time. If the price is right yet the traffic is missing, consider ineffective marketing. 

If your Brevard County Florida home is for sale and the listing has expired or is about to expire, ask me why.   I am not going to bad mouth your real estate agent.  I have had listings that just did not work out. I respect my clients but sometimes things just did not click.

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