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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Custom, Semi-Custom, Cookie Cutter… It does make a difference in home price.

I was speaking to a gentleman a few days ago about his Viera, Florida home.  It is located in a very nice neighborhood where there were several different builders during construction several years ago.

Like most homeowners he is very proud of his home.  He let me know it was different than the others as he described some personal changes made when it was built.

As he described the changes he had made I realized his was what I would describe as a semi-custom home.   His builder was a well known local semi-custom builder.

When I mentioned the builder as one the best semi-custom builders in the area he corrected me.  He explained his was a custom built home. 

I left him thinking to myself his home was custom built - like the others.

In Viera you can find custom built, semi-custom built and cookie cutter built homes.  These terms can be confusing.

The price one pays is a definite reflection of the degree of customization.   Most buyers understand builders use many of the same materials, fixed unchanging floor plans, and the same appliances to manage construction costs.

Whether you are looking for a custom built, semi-custom built or a cookie cutter built home in Viera, Florida, call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.   I would welcome a chance to show you what Viera, Florida offers home buyers!

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