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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Florida Homes For Sale - Lower Inventory Requires New Strategy

Remember when it WAS a buyer’s market?  

Not so long ago there were so many homes for sale buyers could look, look some more, ponder the market, and come back weeks later to the one they saw on day one.  And it was still available!

The Brevard County, Florida real estate market is shifting...slowly.

In today's real estate market there are fewer "move in" ready homes on the market.  Construction seems to be picking up but the number of spec homes is not overwhelming.

Now buyers find themselves in multiple bid situations.

With increasing prices (USAToday, Oct 3, 2012), and fewer “move in” ready homes on the market requires serious buyers adjust their strategy.

Buyers need to know they may not be the sellers only potential buyer.  Buyers need to be prepared to make a reasonable offer with reasonable contingencies.

Buyers need to know that "if this is the one" they should make the move now because it may not be on the market in three weeks!

And the shifting market is good for sellers as well.  With fewer homes on the market, those considering selling may want to make the plunge before more sellers jump in the market and increase competition.

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