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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home Seller Tips: How should your real estate agent promote your home to buyers?

Most people who have ever gone home shopping know the disappointment they experienced when the door is opened and the house that had been advertised has been replaced by a very poor impostor!

Think back on those experiences when you are selling your Brevard County, Florida home.

Selling your home requires work on your part.  Selling your home requires monetary expenditures including repairs and preparation let alone the real estaet fees and closing costs. 

Selling your home involves interruptions to your life!  Your daily routine becomes less than routine.

So when your real estate agent markets your home I recommend you review the listing material to verify it is accurate.   I recommend you review the photos used to ensure they are the best possible and not a front shot with the garage door open, a classic toilet seat up shot (why include a toilet in a picture anyway?) or some other less than quality depiction of your home.

There is no advantage to be gained by luring prospective buyers with a built up description your home can’t deliver!

An accurate description with useful, informative pictures is the only way to promote a listing. 

If you are considering selling your Brevard County, Florida home, call me at 321-693-3850 to discuss how I can work with you.  Call me for a free market analysis.

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