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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Seller Tips - Placing your home on the market without preparing to market

Placing your home on the market without preparing to market your home is like going fishing without any bait.

Sure you will look like all the other fishermen (may even have the biggest boat or fishing pole) but they may be pulling them in while you just sit and wait!

In the context of selling your home...Sure you will look like all the others selling their home (may even have the biggest sign in the front yard) but they will be getting showings and offers while you just sit and wait!

There is more to selling a home than placing a sign out front.  To get he most return on your investment of time, and more importantly for your home, it is critical to prepare your home for the market.

Depending on its age this may involve a pre-listing home inspection.  Or, if you are already aware of major issues why not go ahead and address them now?

If your home is already in good condition then it may simply be a case of getting it ready for strangers to stroll through your most personal spaces.  From a safety perspective it is critical to remove items that may be stolen including personal identity documents.  It is critical to put away potential safety issues (firearms, trip hazards and the like).

After the safety issues have been addressed, look at the curb appeal.  The exterior paint, especially the front door, may need a touch up.  Then tackle the entry way.  A well lighted, bright entry without clutter that captures your buyer is key.  Then deal with any clutter, any excessive personal "stuff" that may be distracting.  Finally...clean is critical.

Yes, if you are going to market your home it is critical to have the right bait - an attractive product with an attractive price!  

Buyers can tell 
  • if a seller has pride in their home.  
  • if a seller is motivated.  
  • if they want to live in your home.
Make sure you convey the right message as you only have one chance to impress.

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