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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home Seller Tips - Who Knew “New” is not always “New?"

It is more common than one would think.  The home for sale has all these great qualities including new appliances or maybe a new roof.  You show up and the appliances are actually a few years old if not more!

Homeowners or possibly the listing real estate agent sometimes confuse the word new with  more appropriate descriptive terms like  "last year " or even better just noting the year like "2011."

The Free Dictionary defines new as "having been made or come into being only a short time ago."    

When sellers and their real estate agents indicate the actual age of repairs and equipment it makes the process just a little easier.   It may not seem like much but every hurdle or issue avoided along the adds up to less stress.

Real estate transactions are stressful. Don't increase the stress by trying to conceal something that may possibly haunt you in the future!

A couple of other considerations...
  • Offer a home warranty for the buyer.  It may only cost $300 but it eases the mind of a buyer.
  • Keep good records when you purchase appliances and have repairs made. 
Either way, if it is not new...avoid the word.

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