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Sunday, October 14, 2012

How long does it take to sell a home in Brevard County, Florida?

There is no easy answer.  How about “it depends?”

In September 2012 closed residential sales in Brevard County spent an average of of 83 days on the market.  Anything less than three months is really pretty reasonable in this market.

Still the actual number of days can vary tremendously based on the type of sale.  If it is a short sale you never really know how long it will take to close.  Sure the offer may come within a few days of listing the property but then it will depend on the lender backlog and responsiveness assuming the seller paperwork has been accurately submitted.

And if it is a standard sale (fair market sale, regular sale) the number of days on the market can vary based on the type of offer.   A cash offer can typically move along very quickly while an offer with a mortgage will require time for appraisals, survey and loan approval.  With a mortgage I suggest targeting 45 days from contract to close as realistic while a 30 day window is very optimistic.

So here is my prediction on how long it takes to sell a home in Brevard County, Florida? Assuming a reasonable market-based list price and reasonable availability for showing (none of the “agent must accompany” or no lock box or owner must be present for all showings),  I would plan for an average of three months for a standard sale, 4-6 months for a short sale and anywhere from 30-90 days for a foreclosure.

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