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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brevard County, Florida Short Sales - Short sales and timing…

My experience with working with short sale sellers is that flexibility is critical - especially as the end nears.

The short sale process is unpredictable.

Even with the most efficient processing the approval and close by date can be a great great mystery.  Sellers and buyers always ask the same question... when?

And then when the approval comes it is close in less than a month!

At this time of the year this can be a real hassle.  With the holiday season upon us sellers often are not ready for the stop everything and move activity.

But the good news is there is an incentive to negotiate the debt forgiveness and close before year's end.  [The current law expires December 31, 2012 that allows debt forgiveness on short sales of residences to be tax free.  So far no action by Congress to extend the law into 2013.]

If you are a short seller I suggest you get ready to improvise - especially if approval comes during December!

If you are considering selling your Brevard County home as a short sale (or a standard sale), call me at 321-693-3850 (email me) to discuss how I can work for you!

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