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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Home Seller Tips - Some things in real estate can’t be changed…

Some things in real estate can't be changed.

If you are a seller you can't change your home's location.  You can not change the quality of the schools in your area or the crime rate in your zip code.  You can't change that annoying neighbor to your left into a neighbor anyone would desire.

Another thing sellers can't change is their home's value.  Okay, that is not exactly a correct statement.

Motivated sellers can positively influence their home's eventual selling price by preparing their home for the market.  Dealing with repair issues, regardless of minor or major, can increase your selling price.

Staging your home can improve perception.  And perception is key in determining how much a prospective buyer will pay.  That is simple economics or maybe simple emotions.

As for your home's real market value.... "It is what it is"  in good markets or bad ones and sellers can do some things to influence but not change it.

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