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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home Seller Tips - The way to a buyer’s heart is through the….

There was an old saying that went something like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I am not sure that is even a politically correct statement any longer so I will move on to something I know more about - advice on buying and selling Florida homes.

To sell your home you must capture the buyer's heart.

I suggest the way to a buyer’s heart likely goes through your kitchen!

I have worked with lots of buyers through the years and it seems there are two rooms they seem to focus on when viewing a home - the kitchen and the master bathroom.

The master bathroom is important for sure but it is the kitchen that appears to be the number one consideration.  It does not matter if one is a cook or just a master of the microwave, the kitchen seems to be key.

So, as a seller, what can you do to capture the buyer's heart?

First of all, I suggest you consider updating.  Buyers don't want ten or twenty year old appliances - even if they still work!  Buyers don't want laminate counters when solid surface, silestone, granite of some other surface is current.  Kitchen islands, stainless appliances, glass back splashes, and the like.  Updated kitchens impress buyers.

Now the key considerations for any kitchen.  Make sure your kitchen is clean including the microwave, the oven and the refrigerator.  Yes, buyers look in them all!    Make sure your kitchen counters are not cluttered with small appliances and other items. Maximize the available counter space!   Make sure the lighting is bright, walls are clean, and the dog's food bowl are not in the middle of the floor.

The kitchen must be more than must capture the buyer's heart.

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