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Monday, November 12, 2012

Questions your real estate agent may not answer....

You wanted to know which neighborhoods are the “best.”   I asked for your meaningThe best prices, schools, most convenient for commuting, best for golfers, etc?

As a real estate agent there are some things I can not tell you - even if you ask.  Some topics may violate federal law.  Some may violate good taste (yes, had a couple over the years).  Some may not be appropriate for me to answer.

You want to know the demographics, educational level, career make-up or other information about a zip code?  I suggest checking websites like or the census web site.

You want to know which neighborhoods are the safest?  I recommend you call the local law enforcement folks and ask about crime areas and rates.  I am sure they will answer your question.  I know my market area but can't quote crime rates from memory. 

You want to know if sexual offenders live in a certain neighborhood or area?  I recommend you check the Florida Department of Law Enforcement web site here.

You want to know which schools are best?  You can check the ratings on line here.  You can visit the various schools.  You can talk with parents with children attending the school.

You want to know which homes are for sale that meet your search criterion?  I can tell you that!

Should you buy a particular home?  Sellers disclose information about the property.  As a real estate agent I will disclose all I know about the comparable sales and what else in on the market

My goal is to ensure buyers have as much information as possible at their fingertips.   And ultimately the buyer will make the decision.

Would I buy a particular home in a particular neighborhood at a particular price? That is not an answer I can't give even if I wanted to express an opinion.

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