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Monday, November 19, 2012

Selling Your Home - What if Fido doesn’t want to sell?

Anyone who has ever listed their home for sale knows the process can be stressful.  

For most pets (except maybe a fish) the process can be just as stressful with strangers coming in and out unannounced throughout the day.  (If you are selling and don't have people coming in and out then there may be a pricing issue!)

The real question here is what do you do with Fido when selling your home?

In an ideal situation and you are available taking Fido for a walk during showings is probably the ideal solution.

Even the most playful, friendly, cute pet can make selling your home difficult - especially if the buyer prospects notice Fido and miss your home's positive selling points.

This distraction factor is also a reason I encourage sellers to de-personalize their home by removing many of the pictures, trophies and awards.  You want buyers to focus on the house not your family or accomplishments!

I have heard some real estate agents say they will not show homes if there are loose pets roamingThey look at it as a safety concern primarily I think.

And then some agents don’t look at the pet issue as anything significant.

I avoid entering homes with dogs on the loose even though I love them all!  In a crate, not a problem.

I remember being told once there was a "pit bull named Satan but he will be in the crate".  I showed up, peered through the window and stared Satan in the face.  We moved on!

Pets bring additional issues when you are ready to sell like pet odors and those pet deposits in the back yard! 

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