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Friday, November 16, 2012

When it comes to selling your home...every second counts

Many of us have heard of “the ten-second rule.”   Actually there are hundreds of ten second rules out out there.

One well known one refers refers to food dropped on the floor.  Pick it up in 10 seconds and it is OK.   Of course, we know that is not true unless it is dropped on a sterile surface.  

Now the leap from dropped food to real estate (and it is not about clean floors).

Previous research has reported about 97% of buyers search for new homes on the Internet.  An article I read today makes the point a seller has about seven seconds to grab a buyer’s attention with their listing entry on the Internet or they move on to the next one.

As a seller it is critical your real estate agent uses words that grab attention and not words that run people away.  Avoid those words that have a negative connotation like cozy, charming, quaint, TLC (to learn construction) and hit the buyer with facts and brief positives.

Here is the entire article.

Another key mentioned in the article quality photos.  If you get their attention they will want to look at quality photos.  Competition is keen. Make sure you review your agent’s marketing efforts.  

Let me close with another reference to another ten second rule... You either grab the prospects attention right away or it becomes an uphill battle once they are in front of your house.  Take a look at the paint.  The lawn and flower beds need to be green and weed free.  The front door needs to be clean and inviting.

When it comes to selling your home...every second counts - especially second showings!

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