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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why do real estate agents ask so many questions?

I recently posted a short article on limiting options in a shrinking market.  The genesis of this post was an agent who showed a listing that did not have a pool for someone who must have a pool.

In the above circumstance I wondered if the real estate agent wasn't listening or did not ask the right questions up front.

When you call a real estate agent you should expect to receive a lot of questions.  Real estate agents seek to capture a general understanding of what a buyer is looking for in a home.  Some of the questions are often intended to gauge a prospective buyer's knowledge and experience level.

The purpose of some may be to just get a buyer thinking about some of the little things.

When you call a real estate agent expect to receive those darn questions… they serve a purpose.

What are some of the questions to expect? 

Things like..
  • When? The process takes time.  Depending on the circumstances (cash, mortgage, short sale, new construction, etc) this time may be as short as a couple of weeks to six months or more!  
  • Financial picture?  The ability to obtain a mortgage or the availability of cash is the most basic of considerations
  • Experience with the process? Your real estate agent is a resource and adviser.  Knowing a buyer's background helps a real estate agent keep the buyer up to speed on the process. 
  • Familiarity with area?  Simple but critical.
  • Expectations?  Buyers often look at one of the many online resources that provide real estate information (validity sometimes questionable).  Gaining an understanding of a buyer's expectations of the market may head off disappointment later.  Most of us know, you get what you pay for and there is one rule to always remember when looking at real estate advertising...the price is low for a reason!
The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION buyers should receive when they call a real estate agent the first time is "Are you working with another real estate agent?"   Choose your real estate agent and stick with them.

If you are considering buying a home in Brevard County, Florida, please call on me if I can assist in any way.

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