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Friday, November 30, 2012

Why is an out of area real estate agent is a bad decision?

I showed a listing this week to some folks relocating to the area.  Their real estate agent, from 300 miles away,  could not be present.

They were lost!

They had no idea which neighborhoods had the homes they were looking for.  They had no knowledge about local anything. 

I spoke with their agent on the phone and offered to pay a referral fee so they could receive the benefit of a local real estate professional.  She declined and insisted she could provide the service from 300 miles away.

I beg to differ.

Real estate is local - period.  Local market knowledge is critical  for a  buyer to have access to as much information as possible when making such a major financial decision.

Any buyer who chooses an agent because they are family friends or “has a license” is doing themselves a complete disservice!

Likewise, any real estate agent who sells anything without local knowledge is doing their client a disservice.

Looking for a Brevard County, Florida real estate agent?  Call a local expert...

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