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Friday, November 09, 2012

Why use a real estate agent when buying and selling a home is so easy?

Reduced to its most basic form pulling a tooth is pretty simple.  Get a grip, yank really hard and its over.  OK, maybe there will be a little pain along the way as well.  Still I would not advocate anyone pulling their own teeth.

Reduced to its most basic form buying and selling a house or condo is also pretty simple.

Buyer A offers X amount of money to Seller A.  They agree and exchange money for keys.

 Still I would not advocate anyone proceeding without professional real estate representation and advice.

The property transfer may seem simple but because of the major financial obligation and long term commitment one should proceed with caution - especially if inexperienced.

As a buyer the seller almost always pays the buyer's real estate agent so it does not cost the buyer a penny.  This is the norm for our area.

A buyer needs to be represented by their own real estate agent as the listing agent represents the seller first and foremost.  There is no dual representation in Florida. 

Your real estate agent will research properties to identify only the one's you want to see that fit your budget.  Your real estate agent will make arrangements to show you the home.  Your real estate agent can answer your questions and guide you along the process.  Your real estate agent works for you - not the seller!

As a seller there are too many potential pitfalls to sell on your own.   A major concern is safety and security risks as you never know who is calling, knocking or walking through your home. 

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows having a contract signed is a long way from the closing table.

Buyers and sellers want the deal to close.  The chances of having the deal close is increased if the buyer and seller both have knowledgeable representation to guide them to closing.

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