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Friday, December 07, 2012

Chickens come home to roost…Well, at least four of them can!

The Brevard County Commission passed an ordinance this week to allow homeowners to have up to four chickens per half acre single family property in unincorporated areas of the county.

These chickens are not to be running loose, not for breeding and can’t be slaughtered.  Sounds like pets that give eggs!

Anyway there has been a lot of discussion among Realtors® and the general public about the negative impact on home values.  I am not aware of any study that supports such assertions so I will take a wait and see approach.

Some say there will be more predators…snakes, raccoons, wolves and other bad things!  If you live in unincorporated areas of the county these creatures are already around I am sure.

Anyway, my recommendation to those seeking to purchase in Brevard County… if you don’t want chickens (or the possibility of) purchase a home within incorporated areas or areas with homeowner associations and deed restrictions. 

What are some Brevard County deed restricted communities with more than half acre lots?   Send me an email and I will gladly forward you listings.

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