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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Seller Tips - Sellers and Real Estate Agents Need to Sing the Same Tune!

Last Sunday afternoon I was changing my guitar strings.  The guitar did sound kind of rough.

I made a comment they needed changing because my singing was being detracted by their loss of quality.  Of course I was joking as I have no singing talent.

Then I thought about sellers who are changing their real estate agent.

Why are they changing?

Is their agent not contributing to their favorite song "We want this much money?" and "Why are they not coming?"   

Or, is their agent humming a tune about "This is it....this is the price" and they want to sing to hear their tune?

Sometimes the problem is not really the problem.

If your listing is about to expire I urge you to consider the real issues - price, preparation, presentation, marketing, etc

I changed my strings and my voice still squeals the same.

Some change their real estate agents only to reprise the "Why are they not coming!"

Increase your chance for success by singing the same song as your agent.  Selling your home is a duet. 

Actually, with all the players involved in a closing, it is more like a choir.

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