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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Selecting Your Real Estate Agent - Asking the right questions

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Some questions may have no answer or even multiple answers.

When interviewing a real estate agent to market your home or assist in the purchase process you need to understand the difference between “asking the right question” and “asking the question right.” 

"Have you ever sold a home in this neighborhood?" is not as effective as "Which, if any, of the  homes in this neighborhood have you sold?"  "What can you sell my home for?"  is more effective than "What do think my home is worth?"
Watching football this afternoon I noticed a couple of questionable penalties for roughing the quarterback. I can understand the purpose of the rule but I think they go overboard at times to “protect” the quarterback.

Then I thought about home sellers Do they want a real estate agent who will go too far when it comes to protecting them?

Do sellers want a real estate agent who will couch  words somewhat when discussing pricing?  Do they want a real estate agent who will avoid delivery of less than positive feedback?

When working with buyers most real estate agents are less likely to fudge reality as they will be dealing with tangible results from day one properties listed for price X in condition X.

When you interview a real estate agent to market your Brevard County, Florida home select the one who will communicate the reality and not just what you want to hear!

Sellers should expect information based on facts delivered in a professional manner.  The form of those facts should be a comparative market analysis that provides a clear picture of the market and your competition.

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