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Thursday, December 13, 2012

What does a home seller want to hear?

How does a seller know their real estate agent is doing  a good job?  The most effective evaluator is the receipt of an offer!

A seller can get a feel for how well their agent is doing by the number of showings.  No showings or few showings indicates there is a problem.  The likely source - the price.

And when activity is brisk sellers want feedback - the stuff the buyer prospects are saying about their home after they walk out the door.

I advise sellers the likelihood of getting feedback is low (about 25% in my experience).  The likelihood of getting useful feedback is even lower!

As a Brevard County, Florida real estate agent I give feedback although the details vary greatly.

First of all,  if my buyer is interested the feedback is generic.  If a property is definitely off my client's short list, the feedback may be more direct.

Some real estate agents I have spoken with think they are doing their clients a disservice by giving any feedback.  I am not one who believes the buyer is being done a disservice by honest feedback - to a point if there is no interest in the property.

And if my buyer wants to tell a seller something I think may harm their potential offer I warn against doing so.

Sometimes the feedback can signal a pending offer.  I have run into a few agents who start criticizing everything from the color of the sky to the color of the grass.  In my experience these are  signs they are preparing to make an offer - usually a low ball offer!

I am not going to intentionally give excessive negative feedback to improve a potential position in negotiating.  If there are indeed major negatives they will be presented with the offer.

So what does a seller want to hear?  A full price offer is coming.

What does a real estate agent want to hear?  If it is not that an offer is coming then please give me an idea on what we can do to improve our chances of getting a buyer?

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