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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why do buyers reject your house when you know it is perfect?

Home Seller Tips - When Buyers Reject Your House. 

Rejection is something faced by all home sellers.... unless the very first buyer prospect who walks in your front door buys the home.

So what does that rejection really mean?

It really could mean nothing.   Many times buyers are just tire kickers.  They are not serious yet.  They may be considering moving to Florida.

They may be considering a job offer but fist want to check out what they can afford to buy and things like the Brevard County Florida Public Schools.   Depending on the time of the year they could snow birds thinking about full time versus part time residency.

So, rejection could really be nothing at all.

But the rejection may signal a real issue.  It may mean your house just doesn't show well (think about curb appeal, staging, clutter and yes, even state of cleanliness).  It may mean your price is just not as good as the other one.  It may mean your home is really nice but they want "move in" ready not one that requires some immediate repair work.

If you are lucky you will receive constructive feedback from the buyer's agents.  Life has taught me that rejection  is part of living.

As a seller you have a choice on how to handle the rejection?  You can be angry and refuse to believe they were so blind to pass up the ideal house for the ideal price.

Or, you can address any issues that may be perceived as hurdles to a contract. 

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