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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home Seller Tips - Know what you know...not what you think.

I have seen it written in MLS descriptions.  Things like “tax records wrong” meaning, usually, it is larger.

I have heard sellers say things like "quarter acre lot" or "HOA fees are only $200."

Many times these statements of fact are not accurate.  I don't think sellers really intend to mislead.

I think it is simply sellers usually don’t know some of these things “off the top of their head.”

When you are preparing to sell your home make sure you disclose what you know  not necessarily what you think.

In the real estate business my position is if I do not know it, I will tell you.  If I can find an answer my response is "I will get back to you with the answer."  Finally, if I can't answer the question but know who can I will refer you to the expert.

As a seller if you do not know something, find out or state you do not know.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Homes For Sale in Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida

I received a recent comment from a reader of this blog about the lack of current listings here.  Over the course of the past six plus years I have provided market summary information for Brevard County Florida real estate.

However it is impossible to provide 100% current information in this blog for a couple of reasons.

First, if a listing is not my listing I can not just “advertise” it.  While I do include general information when discussing a local neighborhood market (like homes for sale in Heritage Isle) unless a listing is owned by me, MLS rules prohibit me from advertising it. (This does not mean I can’t email you all the information and discuss it with you.)

Secondly, if you are looking for information on homes for sale in Viera I prefer you email me so I can send you specific listings that fit what you are looking for like size, price, location, etc.

Still, if you prefer to search on your own, here is a link to...
Search for homes for sale in Melbourne, Viera, Rockledge and all of Brevard County, Florida.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Market - The market is not that good…yet!

Spoke with a gentleman last night regarding the real estate market.  I take every opportunity when a conversation allows it to promote my business…. Florida real estate agent.  He had heard the market had changed recently and was now a seller’s market.

Sure the Brevard County real estate market is better.  The condo sales in December 2012 were up 10% over the sales price in December 2011.  The residential prices are rising as well.

But it is not quite a seller’s market…yet.  For sellers the prices are shifting in the right direction.  For buyers, the shift in prices will impact how much house once can afford to buy.

There are still bargains out there… just fewer as inventory shrinks.

As with most things people have a tendency to take a little information and run with the extreme but it won't be long.

The pendulum is swinging in the other direction and buyers know it as well as sellers.  It will not be long before the increase in price.  A strong sign for sellers is the recent increase in  multiple offer situations.

Want to know what your local real estate market is really like?

Call a local real estate expert.  In the Viera, Suntree and Rockledge, Florida real estate market, call me at 321-693-3850.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Almost all you need to know to buy or sell a "short sale" in Brevard County, Florida

Short sales have been very popular in Brevard County, Florida over the past several years.  Last year there were 1,763 residential short sale closings in Brevard County.  During the same period there were 1,247 residential foreclosures reported in the Brevard MLS system.

The average selling price of a short sale was just over $112,000 last year.   The average selling price of the foreclosure was just above $89,000.

Why the big difference?   This difference can be explained by understanding the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale.

Short sales, while discounted, are not fire sales.  It should be noted as the market continues its recovery the discounting of short sales will likely decrease in 2013 (my prediction).

If you are considering buying or selling your home as a short sale, the below links may be helpful.

Why bother with a short sale?  
What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?  
Should you buy a short sale? 
Short sales are not for every buyer.

If you are thinking about selling your Brevard County, Florida house or condo, send me an email or give me a call at 321-693-3850 to discuss how I may help you or simply to request a free market analysis.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Did they understand what they were signing when they put their “John Hancock” on the Declaration of Independence?

As a real estate agent working with buyers and sellers I find myself functioning very often in the role of a facilitator and consultantnot the decision maker.

Decision making is what buying (or selling)  a home is all about.

Sellers need to understand the process, cost of selling and the market price for their home.  Buyers need to under the same things plus a few others like property taxes, property exemptions, cost of insurance, association fees and rules, and a few others..

Sellers sign listing agreements.  Buyers sign offers to purchase.  Plus both sign other ancillary documents.

Understanding what they are signing is key.

And when questions come up requiring interpretation of content I refer them to an attorney or other appropriate professional.

Whether buying or selling a house or condo anywhere, understand what you signing before you sign.

And if it requires an attorney or tax professional, rely on them instead of a real estate agent.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What do you do if your property is just sitting and not selling?

This post was inspired by a lady who contacted me because her home for sale in Viera was just sitting.  Since she had a real estate agent I recommended she contact her real estate agent and discuss her concerns.  Realtors® will never interfere with an existing Realtor®-Client relationship.

A key indicator of likely success in selling your home is activity.   No secret here... very few buy anything unseen.

So if your Brevard County, Florida home is listed for sale and it is just sitting, what can you do to generate activity?

What brings prospective buyers to your front door?

  1. Price.  If the price is not reasonable when compared to similar homes then buyers ted to skip it. 
  2. Too long on the market.  Buyers tend to view an listing as having "something wrong" if it has been sitting for an excessive period of time without a contract.  What is an excessive period of time?  I refer folks to my 30-10-1 rule.Basically it means if your home is listed for 30 days and has less than 10 showings and not one offer, then the price is an issue.  
  3. Ease of showing.  Many times buyers who are re-locating have limited availability.  requiring a 24 hour advance notice can be a barrier to some prospects. Another barrier is "owner must be present for showings."  I think it is a bad idea for a seller to ever be present when prospects are looking.  Prospects are less comfortable and seem to take more of a cursory look rather than assess the home's qualities.
  4. Promotion.  What is your real estate agent doing to promote your listing?  Is an open house a consideration? What about internet exposure?

Look at all of the above if your home is just sitting.  Selling your home is simple...

  • Price it correctly for the market and condition.
  • Cooperate with reasonable showing requests. 
  • Make sure your real estate agent is promoting the home to the right buyer pool.

If you are considering selling your Brevard County, Florida home, I would welcome the chance tow work for you.  Please call me at 321-693-3850 or email me if I can help in any way.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do you really want your real estate agent to describe your home as "cluttered?"

Do you really want your real estate agent to describe your home as "cluttered?"

While reviewing listings today to show a prospective buyer some of the comments in one narrative really stuck out.  Partial comments included "is cluttered and messy but offered at a fantastic price."

The narrative portion of the MLS listing as well as other marketing materials is extremely important.  Because of limited space the opportunity to capture a prospective buyer's interest words need to be carefully chosen.

Flowing descriptions that convey little real information is useless.  Some words just imply negative to me like cozy, quaint, TLC, charming and the like.  I have never understood why anyone could think a cluttered or neglected home would attract any buyer.

Probably more important than the description are the photos provided.  Just as most would rather watch a movie than read the book I believe buyers would rather see photos (or visual tour) than read the narrative.  There will be plenty of time to review the facts and associated documents after you capture their attention.

Even though most of us would rather "see" than read, the narrative should  positive - not critical like "cluttered."  Otherwise, the next sign may just say something like...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does offering a real estate agent bonus increase your selling chances?

Just yesterday I saw two new real estate listings where the seller was offering a bonus for a full price offer.  I have seen these in the past and my response is always the same... why?

Although it may not be intended it seems like an attempt to influence an agent to submit a higher than market offer.  A real estate agent has an responsibility to the client to get the best possible price for their client first and foremost - not obtain the highest commission for themselves.

If you are considering selling your home remember my "Three Ps of Selling" - pricing it appropriately, promoting the listing effectively, and presentation (staging it to appeal to buyers).  These will preclude the need to dangle a carrot to get the buyer's agent to show your home!

Here are a few more ideas on pricing your home to sell:

If you are considering selling your Brevard County  Florida home, please contact me to discuss how I can work for you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Have a Home Inspection Before Listing Your Home For Sale?

Jay Markanich, a northern Virginia home inspector, writes some very informative articles about home inspections.  In one of his recent posts he included a sentence that fits many issues I have seen through the years.  It is a simple, non-judgmental, matter of fact sentence.

“This repair is very homeownerish.”

I know the word "homeownerish" is likely not in any of the dictionaries.   

Property inspections are meant to report the present condition of a house with any deficiencies in function or efficiency highlighted to the prospective buyer.  These include major systems like the roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and appliances.

These inspections usually include structural issues as well as safety concerns.  Sometimes these result from additions and “re-model” projects that were possibly inspired by HGTV or a magazine.  

Lets face it...Sometimes the intended result escapes the process.  Anyone who has ever tried to cook something from a recipe and found the end result not quite looking like the picture can understand this.  The nice thing about a bad kitchen experiment is we can throw it away.

The problem with a bad  "homeownerish" project is it can remain for years….until selling time.

If you are considering selling your older home I urge a pre-listing home inspection.  Why spend the money for a pre-listing inspection?

  1. Address any issues that may be present to prevent a possible failed contract later.  
  2. Provide prospective buyers a greater level of confidence when they view your home.

Need a home inspector in Brevard County?   Your real estate agent most likely has a list of inspection companies they are familiar with as well as a basic internet search.

I urge buyers to approach all homes with this in mind: none is perfect....knowing the imperfections before buying is key.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ventura at Turtle Creek – Florida Condos For Sale

Ventura at Turtle Creek – Florida Condos For Sale

The average selling price for a 3 bedroom/2 bath unit in the Ventura at Turtle Creek complex was $89,250 in 2012.  Nine of the ten sales recorded in the Brevard MLS system were distressed properties (either a short sale or a foreclosure).  

There are five properties under contract (all 3/2 units) with an average listing price of just below $101,000 (range $85,000 to $125,000).

Currently there are five properties on the market listed from $93,000 (two at this price) to $108,000.  Three of these are short sales. Four are 3/2 units.  The average listing price for these units is $103,500.

So what can one expect to pay for a condo unit at Ventura at Turtle Creek in 2013?

Over the past year prices in general throughout the Brevard County market have quit dropping and actually started to climb.  In my opinion there is no reason to believe that this will not continue in 2013.

In real estate every seller has their own motivation.  Also given some units come with a garage while others have a carport there will be price differences.  The floor plans (info below) all will attract different prices as well as the floor location (usually the higher the floor, the higher the price).

So an exact price is an unknown but my guess is it will be somewhere around the $100,000 mark give or take maybe $5,000.

These condos are located next to the world famous – OK, almost Brevard County famous – Turtle Creek Golf Course in Rockledge and were built by Pulte Homes primarily during 2006-2008 period.  The floor plans offered included

  • Napa, 1,112 sq ft under air, 2 bedrooms
  • Sonoma, 1,247 sq ft under air, 3 bedrooms/2 bath
  • Santa Rosa, 1,412 sq ft under air, 3 bedrooms/2 bath
  • Santa Cruz, 1,391 sq ft under air, 3 bedrooms/2 bath
  • Santa Anna, 1,447 sq ft under air, 3 bedrooms/2 bath

With Orlando International Airport only 40 miles away, The Ventura at Turtle Creek makes a great choice for second home and vacation home buyers as well as commuters.

If you are looking for a gated condo community near Viera in central Brevard County, check out Ventura at Turtle Creek.   Call me at 321-693-3850 or email me if I can help in any way.

What does a “newer” home cost in Brevard County, Florida?

What does a “newer” home cost in Brevard County, Florida these days?

Someone asked me this question just this past week.  Of course, the first thing I did was clarify two things

  1. What is "newer?"
  2. What size house? 

The questioner was looking for the cost of a generic 2005+ year built home with about 1,800 to 2,000 square feet under air. 

So I did a little research for them for average list price for active listings built after 2005 with 1,800-2,000 square feet.

Since they did not know much about Brevard County I selected various zip codes that represent some north, south and central areas.   Note that a single zip code rarely covers the entire city or area so these are only representative of the general area.

  • Zip Code 32927 (Port St John) – $135,000 
  • Zip Code 32909 (Palm Bay southern areas) – $142,000 
  • Zip Code 32904 (West Melbourne) – $186,000 
  • Zip Code 32940 (Suntree and Viera areas) – $223,000 
  • Zip Code 32955 (Rockledge and some Viera areas) – $186,000 
  • Zip Code 32780 (Titusville) – $150,000

The above examples reinforce what you always hear when it comes to real estate….location matters.

If you are considering a home purchase in Brevard County, Florida it may come down to choosing location and size if your budget is pretty fixed.

For information on homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida call me at 321-693-3850 or email me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Want to buy a home in Brevard County, Florida? Then you should know this.... What do home sellers want in 2013?

Buyers wanting to purchase a home in Brevard County, Florida in 2013 market should start by choosing a knowledgeable buyer's agent to guide them in areas like the local market, competition among buyers, comparable properties and neighborhoods, local resources, and the process.

And, if a buyer is serious, they should know what sellers want in 2013?

So, what do home sellers want in 2013? 

In a nutshell, sellers want a…
  1. clean offer,
  2. reasonable price,
  3. reasonable closing date.
Clean offer.  A well prepared offer with documentation reviewed, disclosures signed, reasonable escrow deposit, pre-approval letter (or recent proof of funds letter, if cash).  Sellers want a level of comfort in the deal closing!
    Reasonable price.  While most sellers are hopeful their home will be the most desirable on the market, the reality is the market will establish the ultimate selling price. Buyers should remember this if a seller wants a low ball offer they would list at low ball!

    Reasonable closing date.   An excessive delay in closing increases the likelihood of a problem.  

    The Brevard County, Florida real estate market is changing in 2013.  The active inventory is smaller than in the previous several years with greater competition among buyers.  Sometimes there are even multiple offer situations where the seller has a choice.  Knowing what sellers want will help a buyer be "the choice."

    Ready to buy or sell a home in Brevard County, Florida?  Call me at 321-693-3850, I can help!

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    16th Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

    I was reading an article in this morning’s Florida Today newspaper about the upcoming 16th Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival.

    Apparently this is a big event being held January 23-28 in Titusville with about 4,000 to 5,000 expected to attend.

    I have never known anyone into birding or experienced "birding" myself but I do share an appreciation of nature.

    I play golf which usually results in me seeing a lot of nature although very few birdies are ever witnessed!

    As I show properties to home buyers in Brevard County, Florida it is sometimes a mystery to me when buyers choose a particular home over another.

    But I can appreciate what they see.  Then I help them close the deal and make it home. 

    When you are ready to buy a home in Brevard County, Florida, give me a call at 321-693-3850 or email me.

    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Home Buyer Tips - Must I have a home inspection?

    My response to that question is easy…. Why would one not have a home inspection?
    1. A home is likely one of life's largest financial obligations for most of us.  We all want to spend wisely.
    2. Most of us are not qualified to judge function.  Sure we can tell if an AC is not cooling in the summer or heater not warming things up in the winter.  But efficiency of function is another issue.
    I can remember many times while showing homes one of the folks (usually a man) opens an electrical panel or looks inside the AC electrical panels as if they were a repairman.

    Once I even had a man climb up on a roof to inspect the condition.  All I could think of was "don't fall!"

    Most of the time these folks have been very much like me – not fully aware of all the “details.”

     Reminds me how when a car breaks down we have a tendency to look under the hood as if we really understand what is what!

    I will even go one step further as it relates to new construction homes have them inspected as well.  Sure there is a code inspection prior to occupancy being permitted but...compliance is not necessarily an indicator of quality.

    A home inspection is relatively inexpensive in Brevard County, Florida when you compare its cost to the cost of a home!  In the words of Nike..."Just Do It!"

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Where will the foreclosure opportunities be in Brevard County during 2013?

    There were 344 residential foreclosures sold in Brevard County, Florida during the last quarter of 2012. 

    Where were these residential foreclosure properties located in Brevard County?

    Based on an arbitrary sectioning approximate percentages extracted from the Brevard MLS system show these REO properties sold during the October - December 2012 quarter.
    • Mims to Port St John – 16%  
    • Cocoa to Port St John – 14%
    • Rockledge to Melbourne (US 192) – 20%
    • Melbourne (US 192) to Palm Bay – 40% 
    • Merritt Island – 6%  
    • Beaches  – 4%
    Currently there are 359 active REO / foreclosure listings in Brevard County (and another 254 under contract).

    Where will the foreclosure opportunities be in Brevard County during 2013?  

    I just read an article yesterday that listed Palm Bay as one of the areas with a predicted increase in 2013 

    Looking at the numbers from last this may indeed be a correct prediction.

    If you are encountering a situation where you can not manage your mortgage?  Call me to discuss the possibility of a short sale instead of a foreclosure.

    In 2013 do home buyers want to be "sold?"

    To me, and possibly many others, “being sold” has a negative connotation. 

    The oft used example of a used car salesman in a pair of plaid double knit pants or a 1970s leisure suit comes to my mind. 

    Buying or selling a house or condo is a process.

    Although many buyers and sellers operate from a position of emotion most find a balance between the excitement of the hunt and the evaluation of information when making a home purchase decision.

    Whether working with buyers or sellers I prefer to take my job as a Florida licensed real estate from a consultative approach.

    Today's home buyer has at their fingertips an amazing amount of information.  Some of it may be current while some may be dated.

    With so much information at hand (listings, sold prices, school data, crime data, etc.), the challenge often centers on interpretation and understanding of the information.

    And then there are some buyers and sellers who prefer to ask questions rather than do research themselves.

    I believe the 2013 real estate agent should focus their efforts on serving clients in a consultative manner while providing direction on the process of buying or selling a home.

    I believe an informed consumer, whether buying a home or choosing a doctor, will ultimately make the best decision for themselves instead of being sold.

    If you are considering buying or selling a house or condo in Brevard County, Florida, give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email if I can help in any way.

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Heritage Isle in Viera–Distressed Properties for Sale

    As of January 14, 2013 there are twenty-five homes for sale in Heritage Isle at Viera (Melbourne, Florida).  Of these, seven are considered distressed properties – either a short sale (4) or foreclosure (3).

    The lowest priced distressed property for sale in Heritage Isle is a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom/1 car garage villa (short sale) offered for $118,000.  Villas are smaller than the single family homes with only about 1,400-1,500 square feet under air.

    The remaining distressed properties are single family homes with listing prices from $154,900 to $310,000.  The highest priced (short sale) is also the largest of these homes with 2,271 square feet under air (4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage with pool).

    All five remaining homes are priced between $154,900 and $187,900.

    In December 2012 there were three distressed sales closed in Heritage Isle. 
    1. 3913 Carambola Circle – 1,828 sq.ft. sold for $165,000 [short sale]
    2. 3943 Carambola Circle – 1,862 sq.ft. sold for $180,000 [short sale]
    3. 3702 Carambola Circle – 1,875 sq.ft. sold for $168,500 [foreclosure]
    For information on homes for sale in Heritage Isle in Viera including distressed sales, re-sales and new construction, call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

    Florida 55+ Communities - Homes for Sale at Heritage Isle in Melbourne, Florida

    Currently there are 25 homes for sale in Heritage Isle in Viera, one of Florida's most desirable age restricted communities.  Of the homes for sale in Heritage Isle seven are considered distressed properties – four short sales and three foreclosures.

    Listing prices for homes for sale in Heritage Isle range from a low of $118,000 for a two bedroom two bath villa to a high of $324,900.

    In Heritage Isle there is a home for everyone from two bedroom villas to four bedroom 3,000+ square feet estate homes.   And the listing prices run the entire range with 11 priced under $200,000, 11 priced priced between $200-$300,000 and three above the $300,000 mark.

    Homes are continuing to sell in Heritage Isle with nine under contract at this time either awaiting closing or approval by lenders in the case of short sales.

    In December 2012 there were five homes sold in Heritage Isle.  Of these three were distressed sales.
    • 3913 Carambola Circle – 1,828 sq.ft. sold for $165,000 [short sale]
    • 3943 Carambola Circle – 1,862 sq.ft. sold for $180,000 [short sale]
    • 3702 Carambola Circle – 1,875 sq.ft. sold for $168,500 [foreclosure]
    For information on homes for sale in Heritage Isle in Viera including distressed sales, re-sales and new construction, call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    What is your credit score and why is it important?

    What is your credit score and why is it important?

    My best one sentence answer to this question is... The old saying about past performance being a pretty good indicator of future performance is held in the highest esteem by lenders.

    There was a time not so long ago mortgage lenders got creative and, if one could fog a mirror, was able to obtain a mortgage to buy a home.

    That is no longer the case.

    I am not a credit expert or in the mortgage business so I will not attempt to explain how the score is  calculated   In general though, it involves an evaluation of timeliness of payments, debt load (including type), length of credit history, and amount of available vs. used credit.

    The credit score is not the only factor used used in the mortgage approval process.  Other important factors include employment history, the specific property (appraisal), the type of mortgage (conventional, FHA, VA, etc.).

    If you are considering buying a home in the future it is never too early to talk with a qualified mortgage professional. (Again, I am a real estate agent only but would be happy to offer a few local Brevard County lender contacts if requested.)

    As for the score and its impact on a loan, lenders base their decisions on their own criterion.  But one thing is certain, the higher the score the lower the interest rate offered, if approved.

    Having a high credit score doesn't just happen.  It is the tool you will be measured by as long as you live.

    Understand the reason behind your credit score and from where it is derived.  Monitor your credit report and correct any inaccuracies - before you need a loan for a new car or new home.

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    Residential Sales Brevard County, Florida - 4th Quarter 2011 vs. 4th Quarter 2012

    2012 Residential Sales Brevard County, Florida - 4th Quarter 2011 vs. 4th Quarter 

    In the last quarter of 2011 there were 1,602 residential properties sold in Brevard County.  One year later (10/01/12 to 12/31/12) there were 1,918 residential sales reported in the Brevard Realtors® MLS system. Summary – sales up.

    The average days on market in 2011 (111 days) was quite a bit less than the last quarter of 2012 (76 days). Summary – good direction.

    The average selling price for residential properties in 2011 was $137,632.  In 2012’s last quarter the average selling price was $150,600.  Summary – another positive indicator.

    Months supply at the end of 2011 was 7.4 months, in 2012 its 2.4 months.  Summary – good for sellers.

    A couple of other positive indicators for the Brevard County residential market as 2013 starts…
    1. About half as many residential short sales closed in the last quarter of 2012 (191 vs. 464 in 2011).
    2. Months supply of short sales in 2011 was 9.2 months.  In 2012 the number was 2.4 months.
    So where is the Brevard County residential market headed in 2013… my guess is toward a seller’s market.

    Considering buying a house or condo in Brevard County, Florida?  This may be the time to move forward.

    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    What does "motivated seller" mean?

    I updated the narrative on a listing recently and included the word "motivated."

    Then I get an offer that is quite a bit less than list price because in the other real estate agent's words..."the seller is motivated."

    What does it mean when a seller is motivated?

    First of all I think all sellers are motivated to some degree.  The degree of motivation is what varies.

    A motivated seller is one who prices a property with a realistic, although at times somewhat optimistic, listing price.  To me that is motivated.

    Motivated does not necessarily mean a bargain basement price.

    If a home buyer is looking for some real estate "low hanging fruit" to pluck then I suggest distressed properties - specifically foreclosures

    Remember this rule of real estate though - the price is low for a reason.

    Wednesday, January 09, 2013

    Is it a ditch, canal or pond? Is it beach front or river front? Is it really waterfront?

    Brevard County, Florida offers home buyers lots of choice when it comes to water front living.  

    All along Highway A1A there are many choices ranging from condos to some single family homes.   Along the Banana River and Indian River Lagoon there are water front homes and canals that lead to these major local bodies of water.

    And then there are some large natural lakes in the area that offer tremendous water frontage. And then there are the man made reclamation ponds that are considered water front.

    I have even seen some large drainage ditches referred to as "water front" although they just lead to the storm water system.

    So, when you are ready to find a home in Brevard County, Florida, narrow your definition if "water front" is a consideration.

    Is it a ditch, canal or pond?  Is it beach front or river front?  Is it really waterfront?

    Remember in real estate it is location... and the type of water frontage will be a major impact on price!

    Tuesday, January 08, 2013

    Selling Your Home - Is your home being over hyped?

    Most college football fans were looking forward to last night’s BCS national championship game between the University of Alabama and Notre Dame University.

    And, after the initial quarter of play, many (including myself) realized that the game was over hyped!

    If you are selling your Brevard County, Florida home, get it ready for the market early so when the first prospective buyers ring the door bell they will realize it was not over hyped!

    Selling your home is all about the Three Ps
    1. Pricing it right, 
    2. Promoting it to potential buyers in the most effective way, and 
    3. Presenting it in such a manner that it wows the buyer!
    Thinking of selling your Brevard County, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 or email me to see how I can work for you!

    Monday, January 07, 2013

    First Time Sellers Need Educating As Well - Part I

    Lets face it, under normal circumstances one must be a first time buyer before they can be a first time seller.

    In my experience it seems many real estate agents promote their services to first time home buyers.   Many first time home buyers do in fact need educating and some hand holding along the way to buying their first house.  Things like identifying needs, the mortgage application process, the cost of home ownership, homeowner associations, property inspections, closing procedures and much more.

    I find many sellers need education as well - especially first time home sellers.

    If you are considering selling your Brevard County, Florida home, here are some home seller tips I have put together.  Click on the below links, read the articles and if you have a question, please email me or give me a call at 321-693-3850.

    Should one buy the smallest house in a given neighborhood? The smallest Mercedes is still a Mercedes.

    I saw a little Mercedes pull into my neighborhood yesterday evening. I wondered why buy such a tiny Mercedes when, for the same price, you can buy a larger domestic car?

    Then, being a real estate agent, I had to turn that into a real estate a question.

    Why buy the smallest home in one neighborhood instead of a larger home in a different neighborhood?  Some of the answers to both questions are really quite similar.

    Such as…
    • Long term value.  Resale value on some vehicles is higher.   If the long term goal is moving up to a larger house as needs grow then the potential resale value of a smaller house in a more desirable community may influence the decision. 
    • Pride of ownership.  Lets face it, we are human.  I know this is kind of superficial but first impressions set the tone for much in life.  Many of us want people to see we have good taste in things like what we drive, wear and where we live.  
    • Safety and security.  I am not aware of the specific safety rating of individual cars but many choose cars for this reason.   Likewise, some neighborhoods may give a feeling of increased safety.   This is where I caution buyers to check with local law enforcement for information on actual crime rates in any neighborhood or area.  
    So should one buy the smallest house in a given neighborhood?  It depends on individual goals, preferences and  taste.  Pretty much the same things that go into the decision to buy a small Mercedes or a larger domestic car.

    Here is another perspective on this from the seller's position...

    If I have the biggest house in the neighborhood, do I have an advantage when selling?

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