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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Did they understand what they were signing when they put their “John Hancock” on the Declaration of Independence?

As a real estate agent working with buyers and sellers I find myself functioning very often in the role of a facilitator and consultantnot the decision maker.

Decision making is what buying (or selling)  a home is all about.

Sellers need to understand the process, cost of selling and the market price for their home.  Buyers need to under the same things plus a few others like property taxes, property exemptions, cost of insurance, association fees and rules, and a few others..

Sellers sign listing agreements.  Buyers sign offers to purchase.  Plus both sign other ancillary documents.

Understanding what they are signing is key.

And when questions come up requiring interpretation of content I refer them to an attorney or other appropriate professional.

Whether buying or selling a house or condo anywhere, understand what you signing before you sign.

And if it requires an attorney or tax professional, rely on them instead of a real estate agent.

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