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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do you really want your real estate agent to describe your home as "cluttered?"

Do you really want your real estate agent to describe your home as "cluttered?"

While reviewing listings today to show a prospective buyer some of the comments in one narrative really stuck out.  Partial comments included "is cluttered and messy but offered at a fantastic price."

The narrative portion of the MLS listing as well as other marketing materials is extremely important.  Because of limited space the opportunity to capture a prospective buyer's interest words need to be carefully chosen.

Flowing descriptions that convey little real information is useless.  Some words just imply negative to me like cozy, quaint, TLC, charming and the like.  I have never understood why anyone could think a cluttered or neglected home would attract any buyer.

Probably more important than the description are the photos provided.  Just as most would rather watch a movie than read the book I believe buyers would rather see photos (or visual tour) than read the narrative.  There will be plenty of time to review the facts and associated documents after you capture their attention.

Even though most of us would rather "see" than read, the narrative should  positive - not critical like "cluttered."  Otherwise, the next sign may just say something like...

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