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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does offering a real estate agent bonus increase your selling chances?

Just yesterday I saw two new real estate listings where the seller was offering a bonus for a full price offer.  I have seen these in the past and my response is always the same... why?

Although it may not be intended it seems like an attempt to influence an agent to submit a higher than market offer.  A real estate agent has an responsibility to the client to get the best possible price for their client first and foremost - not obtain the highest commission for themselves.

If you are considering selling your home remember my "Three Ps of Selling" - pricing it appropriately, promoting the listing effectively, and presentation (staging it to appeal to buyers).  These will preclude the need to dangle a carrot to get the buyer's agent to show your home!

Here are a few more ideas on pricing your home to sell:

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