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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Buyer Tips - Must I have a home inspection?

My response to that question is easy…. Why would one not have a home inspection?
  1. A home is likely one of life's largest financial obligations for most of us.  We all want to spend wisely.
  2. Most of us are not qualified to judge function.  Sure we can tell if an AC is not cooling in the summer or heater not warming things up in the winter.  But efficiency of function is another issue.
I can remember many times while showing homes one of the folks (usually a man) opens an electrical panel or looks inside the AC electrical panels as if they were a repairman.

Once I even had a man climb up on a roof to inspect the condition.  All I could think of was "don't fall!"

Most of the time these folks have been very much like me – not fully aware of all the “details.”

 Reminds me how when a car breaks down we have a tendency to look under the hood as if we really understand what is what!

I will even go one step further as it relates to new construction homes have them inspected as well.  Sure there is a code inspection prior to occupancy being permitted but...compliance is not necessarily an indicator of quality.

A home inspection is relatively inexpensive in Brevard County, Florida when you compare its cost to the cost of a home!  In the words of Nike..."Just Do It!"

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