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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home Seller Tips - Know what you know...not what you think.

I have seen it written in MLS descriptions.  Things like “tax records wrong” meaning, usually, it is larger.

I have heard sellers say things like "quarter acre lot" or "HOA fees are only $200."

Many times these statements of fact are not accurate.  I don't think sellers really intend to mislead.

I think it is simply sellers usually don’t know some of these things “off the top of their head.”

When you are preparing to sell your home make sure you disclose what you know  not necessarily what you think.

In the real estate business my position is if I do not know it, I will tell you.  If I can find an answer my response is "I will get back to you with the answer."  Finally, if I can't answer the question but know who can I will refer you to the expert.

As a seller if you do not know something, find out or state you do not know.

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