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Friday, January 04, 2013

Home Seller Tips–When is the Solution Not the Solution?

Have you ever gone to the doctor after several days or weeks of trying to treat the symptoms because you finally decided you need the problem cured for good?  Most of us have been there.

Recently I was reading about a mold issue and a simple cure.  The solution involved a solution (bleach and water).  But this solution was not the solution.  Sure, the mold was gone – for now.

If you are in the process of preparing your home for the market consider the quality of your actions to remedy issues. 

The most expedient and least costly solution may not address the underlying problem.  

And, if you know of a problem that affects the value of a home you are selling, don't be tempted to deceive anyone.

First of all, in Florida anyway, you are required to disclose any non-readily visible condition that impacts the property value to prospective buyers.

Finally a some what off topic point here....
Know your limitations when  it comes to repair work on your home.  (I like to call it collateral damage when an overzealous homeowner attempts a renovation or repair outside their skill set.)
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