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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Want to buy a home in Brevard County, Florida? Then you should know this.... What do home sellers want in 2013?

Buyers wanting to purchase a home in Brevard County, Florida in 2013 market should start by choosing a knowledgeable buyer's agent to guide them in areas like the local market, competition among buyers, comparable properties and neighborhoods, local resources, and the process.

And, if a buyer is serious, they should know what sellers want in 2013?

So, what do home sellers want in 2013? 

In a nutshell, sellers want a…
  1. clean offer,
  2. reasonable price,
  3. reasonable closing date.
Clean offer.  A well prepared offer with documentation reviewed, disclosures signed, reasonable escrow deposit, pre-approval letter (or recent proof of funds letter, if cash).  Sellers want a level of comfort in the deal closing!
    Reasonable price.  While most sellers are hopeful their home will be the most desirable on the market, the reality is the market will establish the ultimate selling price. Buyers should remember this if a seller wants a low ball offer they would list at low ball!

    Reasonable closing date.   An excessive delay in closing increases the likelihood of a problem.  

    The Brevard County, Florida real estate market is changing in 2013.  The active inventory is smaller than in the previous several years with greater competition among buyers.  Sometimes there are even multiple offer situations where the seller has a choice.  Knowing what sellers want will help a buyer be "the choice."

    Ready to buy or sell a home in Brevard County, Florida?  Call me at 321-693-3850, I can help!

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