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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Have a Home Inspection Before Listing Your Home For Sale?

Jay Markanich, a northern Virginia home inspector, writes some very informative articles about home inspections.  In one of his recent posts he included a sentence that fits many issues I have seen through the years.  It is a simple, non-judgmental, matter of fact sentence.

“This repair is very homeownerish.”

I know the word "homeownerish" is likely not in any of the dictionaries.   

Property inspections are meant to report the present condition of a house with any deficiencies in function or efficiency highlighted to the prospective buyer.  These include major systems like the roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and appliances.

These inspections usually include structural issues as well as safety concerns.  Sometimes these result from additions and “re-model” projects that were possibly inspired by HGTV or a magazine.  

Lets face it...Sometimes the intended result escapes the process.  Anyone who has ever tried to cook something from a recipe and found the end result not quite looking like the picture can understand this.  The nice thing about a bad kitchen experiment is we can throw it away.

The problem with a bad  "homeownerish" project is it can remain for years….until selling time.

If you are considering selling your older home I urge a pre-listing home inspection.  Why spend the money for a pre-listing inspection?

  1. Address any issues that may be present to prevent a possible failed contract later.  
  2. Provide prospective buyers a greater level of confidence when they view your home.

Need a home inspector in Brevard County?   Your real estate agent most likely has a list of inspection companies they are familiar with as well as a basic internet search.

I urge buyers to approach all homes with this in mind: none is perfect....knowing the imperfections before buying is key.

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