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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Can a pre-listing home inspection save a deal?

Fact: Very few sellers have pre-listing home inspections.

The reality is most of us believe our homes are in good, if not excellent, condition with no real issues.

But even the most conscientious home owner can be surprised by issues that show up after a contract has been accepted and a home inspection has been done.

I remember I once had a seller remark how they were surprised so many problems showed up in a house barely a decade old.

My response was something like “you never know.”

And that is the truth.

Homeowners may even believe they have been dealing with issues as they surface.  I have worked with sellers who were aware of some minor things that needed attention although they were far from being major issues.

Sometimes these small issues surface and, when taken as a whole, can kill a deal or possibly lead to a request for a price concession or repairs to salvage the deal.

I believe a pre-listing home inspection can save a deal and is well worth the few hundred dollars it may cost. If you are considering selling your home, I encourage you to be proactive and have a pre-listing inspection done.

If an inspection gives a clean bill of health – fine.

If not, either fix it or price accordingly and disclose to prospective buyers.

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